5 Best French Bulldog Breeders in Texas! (2021)

If you’re searching for the best French Bulldog breeders in Texas, then you’ve come to the right place. Going by just how cute and adorable all French bulldogs are, it is straightforward to assume that you can’t go wrong when choosing a franchise. As much as we would like this to be true, it simply isn’t. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a French bulldog. One of the most crucial things is a breeder. You want to make sure that the Frenchie you choose was cared for by a good breeder. This way, you are guaranteed a healthy Frenchie that also has a good temperament.

With so many breeders popping up throughout the country, finding an ideal breeder is usually very challenging. It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this post. In particular, the best French bulldog breeders in Texas post. So if you are living in Texas and thinking about getting a French bulldog, here are the breeders you should be looking at:

  • Ballpark Bulldogs
  • French bulldog Puppies Texas
  • Texas Pride French Bulldog
  • Dallas Bulldogs
  • ATOO French Bulldogs

1. Ballpark Bulldogs

Ballpark Bulldogs

First on the list of French Bulldog breeders in Texas is Ballpark Bulldogs. With a mission of breeding and providing French bulldogs that are healthy and happy, Ballpark Bulldogs is also a Texas French bulldog breeder like no other. They do undertake all measures to ensure that the French bulldogs they raise are of high quality (like the ones you are accustomed to seeing on TV-shows). We are trying to say that a Frenchie from this breeder will be top quality, wrinkly, big-boned, healthy, and family-oriented.

One of the many positives about this particular breeder is that they raise all their Frenchies by and with their family. This guarantees that you’ll be getting a French bulldog that’s exposed to love at an early age and, most importantly, one that has a good temperament.

Health-wise, Ballpark Bulldogs has in place texts to ensure that all their Frenchies are free of any health conditions or disorders. The Frenchies are also up to date with vaccinations and deworming. Even better, they provide individuals who get a Frenchie(s) from them a one-year health guarantee at no extra cost.

Ballpark Bulldogs Details

  • Name: Ballpark Bulldogs
  • Location: North Texas
  • Address: 1020 Lake Sierra Way, Little Elm, TX 75068, United States
  • Website: Ballpark Bulldogs
  • Phone Number: (214) 909-8701

2. French Bulldog Puppies Texas

French Bulldog Puppies Texas

Since they opened shop back in 2005, French Bulldog Puppies Texas has been producing and offering high-quality Frenchies to those in need of these adorable little pups and happen to be living in Texas. Worth noting about this particular Texas French bulldog breeder is that it raises all their Frenchies in a family environment. This is ideal since it guarantees Frenchies that are well-socialized. Even better, the French bulldogs at this breeder are raised as family members in their home.

Other notables about this breeder that are worth pointing out include dieting. The French bulldogs at this breeder have an amazing nutritional diet. This they’ve done intentionally to make sure that the Frenchies obtain and maintain high mental and physical health. Health-wise, all the Frenchies are up to date on vaccinations and deworming, and they regularly receive tests to make sure that they are free of any health disorders.

Shipping-wise, they do provide your pup’s personal hand delivery once you decide which one best suits you.

French Bulldog Puppies Texas Details

3. Texas Pride French Bulldog

Texas Pride French Bulldog

There are lots of things you can count on with this Texas French bulldog breeder. You can count on them for French bulldogs that are healthy, have excellent conformation, and amazing temperament, for starters. The staff members at Texas Pride French Bulldog are hardworking, professional, and consistent with what they do, which has resulted in all their Frenchies being absolutely amazing.

The Frenchies at this breeder are also all vaccinated and dewormed regularly. They are also free of any congenital disorders. They also care for their Frenchies from the moment they are young. To be more exact, the Frenchies at this breeder are family-socialized and friendly so expect loyal companions regardless of size and age when you decide on a French bulldog from this particular Texas breeder.

Worth noting about this particular breeder is that it does take part in weight pulls, lure coursing, and confirmation shows.

Texas Pride French Bulldog Details

4. Dallas Bulldogs

Dallas Bulldogs

If you want to get an adorable Frenchie from a breeder in Texas who’s going to share with you added information like how to care for your French bulldog or how to spot tiny health issues after you take your bundle of joy home, then Dallas Bulldogs is your ideal breeder. Simply put, this Texas French bulldog breeder is committed to you and your newfound Frenchie(s). You can give them a call at any time, and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Dallas Bulldogs pride themselves in breeding French bulldogs that are given lots of love, a high-quality diet, and most importantly, the best care possible. What you can expect with Dallas Bulldogs is a one-year health guarantee, a puppy starter pack, AKC registration papers for your Frenchie, and a current shot of deworming records.

The team at Dallas Bulldogs can be reached 24 hours a day, so do feel free to get in touch with them with whatever question you might have.

Dallas Bulldogs Details

5. ATOO French Bulldogs

ATOO French Bulldogs

Last on the list of French Bulldog breeders in Texas is ATOO French Bulldogs. This Texas French bulldog breeder is under the watchful eye of Xavi Elena, a legit “dog’o’holic!” as she puts it on ATOO French Bulldogs’ website. She has lots of experience when it comes to all things caring for French bulldogs, so rest assured you’ll be getting quality pups from ATOO French Bulldogs. The Frenchies at ATOO French Bulldogs are all family-raised, something that’s been a breeze given how big Elana’s family is. Even better, they are home to a large community of French bulldog lovers spanning continents, so they do have a wealth of information on all things French bulldogs.

If you settle on ATOO French Bulldogs as your breeder, they’ll guide you through the selection process of your Frenchie to make sure you get a pup that best suits you. They also do have transportation services once you’ve acquired a Frenchie from them. Health-wise, all the Frenchies at ATOO French Bulldogs are up to date on vaccination and deworming. You’ll also receive a one-year health guarantee on every puppy you obtain from this Texas French bulldog breeder at no extra cost.

ATOO French Bulldogs Details

Conclusion For The “Best French Bulldogs in Texas”

French Bulldogs in Texas

There you have it, the best French bulldog breeders in Texas. Worth pointing out, a good number of these breeders are operational 24 hours. You can get in touch with them anytime regarding their French bulldogs, and they’ll be happy to assist you.

N/B: Despite recommending these breeders, we do urge that you do your due diligence when dealing with the French bulldog breeders featured in this post. Do your research and find out more about the breeders. If you are not comfortable or something doesn’t feel right, we suggest trying a different breeder as this might do the trick.

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