Best French Bulldog Breeders In Arizona (2021)

Ask just about anyone who has tried purchasing a French bulldog and they are bound to tell you that the process of getting one that is well breed is not as simple as it seems. This is especially so if you were to factor in the presence of the internet which has opened a number of doors to many puppy mills targeting unsuspecting buyers.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best French bulldog breeders in Arizona. It is our hope that upon reading this post you’ll be able to pick or purchase a French bulldog that’s ideal for you and most importantly one that is well-breed.  

1. Uptown Puppies

Uptown Puppies 

Topping our list of go-to French bulldog breeders in Arizona is Uptown Puppies. Haven’t heard of them yet? Well, think of Uptown Puppies as a breeder of all breeders in Arizona.

Just in case you are wondering, we’ve given Uptown Puppies this slightly interesting brief given the fact that they not only breed French bulldogs but also connect other ethical French bulldog breeders in Arizona with ethical buyers.

In addition to connecting ethical breeders to ethical buyers, we love Uptown Puppies because they also offer valuable teaching and advice on all things French bulldog including how to properly care for them and treat them.

French Bulldog Breeders In Arizona Details

2. Blue Bat Pigs

Blue Bat Pigs

If you are in the market for a French bulldog breeder in Arizona who has lots of experience when it comes to this particular breed of dog then Blue Bat Pigs is your best bet. Blue Bat Pigs pride themselves in having tons of experience when it comes to breeding French bulldogs.

What we personally love about this particular French bulldog breeder is the fact that they breed their French bulldogs responsibly while noting the fact that their pups will soon find a new home. This is why a number of French bulldogs bought or those that are from Blue Bat Pigs are very easy to teach.

French Bulldog Breeders In Arizona Details

3. Majestic Blue French Bulldogs

Majestic Blue French Bulldogs

While having a French bulldog is unique on its own, there are some who aspire to own rare French bulldogs. If this is something that’s up to your alley then Majestic Blue French Bulldogs is the place for you in Arizona. This particular breeder prides itself in breeding very rare and exotic French bulldogs in a variety of colors including pied, black, blue fawn, chocolate, lilac, and blue.

In addition to breeding some very rare French bulldogs, Majestic Blue French Bulldogs is one of the very few breeders in Arizona that are actually licensed to deliver pups both nationally and internationally. When making international deliveries, the pups are placed in a cabin that’s watched over by a puppy nanny. They also have an option for personal pickups for those who are more old school:

French Bulldog Breeders In Arizona Details

4. Fry’s French Bulldogs

Fry's French Bulldogs

Fry’s French Bulldogs is another one of those breeders in Arizona that are a go-to for anyone looking to make a purchase of a French bulldog from a breeder with experience when it comes to breeding such type of pups. In terms of experience, Fry’s French Bulldogs boasts more than 25 years of experience when it comes to breeding French bulldogs.

We personally love this Arizona breeder simply because they raise some of their French bulldogs in their home. This exposes these pups to love as well as us humans from a very early stage making it super simple to coach them later on.  

Fry’s French Bulldogs in Arizona Details


There you have it, a small list of go-to breeders in Arizona for anyone looking at buying French bulldogs. If you happen to have a question regarding the breeders listed don’t hesitate to ask.  

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