5 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Arkansas! (Reviews!)

For some people, living in Arkansas in between wilderness can sometimes give you the thoughts of having a companion such as a French Bulldog. After making the decision between a shelter and a breeder, locating the right breeders in Arkansas can be an intimidating task.

The good news is – we have compiled a list of the best French Bulldog breeders in Arkansas for you so now your dreams of having a Frenchie is soon-to-be a reality.

1. Thomley’s Arkansas Frenchies 

thomley's arkansas frenchies

Our family recently purchased a touch boy from Thomley’s Arkansas Frenchies. They were absolutely amazing the complete time sending pictures and updates about him or any questions I want to be answered, while we patiently waited for our little to return home, we couldn’t be any happier for bringing them into our lives.

They pride themselves on being able to produce top quality breeds of Frenchies and making extremely healthy puppies, they guarantee that they’ve researched and studied genetic and color DNA to create and improve top quality puppies, which truly shows especially that we are most of the time with our Joey.

Thomley’s Arkansas Frenchies Details

2. Bulldogbliss


We got our first Frenchie, Gladiss, from Karen and had a beautiful experience. Karen was so flexible with us and you’ll immediately tell Gladiss was well socialized with dogs and other people while a puppy. We constantly get compliments on how healthy she looks and her sweet temperament. We love Gladiss and are grateful for the good work Karen does!

I absolutely love Karen and her passion for healthy, beautiful bullies! once I visited select my bulldog, I literally didn’t want to depart. I asked her to merely adopt me and I’d stay there forever! The dogs are treated like kings. The care and fervor she has for everyone is pure gold. I still contact her 3 years later with my random questions or concerns. She responds every time! I might recommend buying from her 110%

Bulldogbliss Details

  • Address: 7729 Ridgeway Ln, Alma, AR 72921
  • Phone Number: (479) 430-3243
  • Website: Bulldog Bliss

3. Hog Wild Frenchies

hog wild frenchies

From initial questions on litters, showing empathy after we had gotten scammed months before contacting them, to the endless amounts of images that Colleen sent us on a daily basis of our girl, I cannot recommend Hog Wild Frenchies enough for anyone, anywhere looking to bring home a loving French bulldog from a reputable and awesome breeder. 

Our Ellie is flourishing, beautiful and was cared for thus well before coming home with us, and my wife and I witnessed first hand the quantity of labor that Kenny and Colleen put into the puppies and their own dogs further. They really are family and that they really do care.

Hog Wild Frenchies Details

4. Ms. Bullies 

ms. bullies

We purchased two female English bulldogs and picked them up in July of 2016 and that we are very pleased with both of them. Kim was great to figure with from placing the deposits on the litter before breeding all the way through reading my babies. She was also available after we took them home for all the questions I had to create sure they were taken care of correctly! 

I’ve got referred to a follower who purchased a male bulldog puppy in August of 2016, and would definitely refer to any others who were trying to find a top-quality English bulldog. As a previous bulldog breeder myself, I can say that there’s a difference in quality, and it is so important during this breed, and Kim has great quality dogs!

Ms. Bullies Details

  • Address: Hope, Arkansas 71801, United States
  • Phone Number: 870-703-5503 | 870-703-6084
  • Website: Ms. Bullies

5. K And K French Bulldogs 

k and k french bulldogs

Very trustworthy! the simplest experience ever at purchasing our new loved one. We boarded Louisiana and Laura sent pictures and videos weekly. He recognized his name once we picked up. they’re raised in her home. Anytime I’ve got a matter she is there to answer it. I will be able to be purchasing another fur buddy soon from her. 

Their meek and small family of K and K French Bulldogs is full and overflowing with love and care. They were raised with proper guidance, proper diet, and training that they may grow up as happy and adorable friendly Frenchies that are now part of our family, we love our Tripp.

K And K French Bulldogs Details

From Smiling Bulldogs,

First off – we’d like to congratulate you early in advance if you brought home a French Bulldog. We hope this list helped you find the right French Bulldogs for sale in Arkansas. If you enjoyed your experience with the French Bulldog breeder, comment below and tell us all about your visit.

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