5 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Connecticut! (Reviews!)

While many people have a different view of the American Dream, we think raising a French Bulldog while living your best life in Connecticut mirrors it. The problem is – finding French Bulldog breeders in Connecticut can be a daunting task.

We like to help you with that. This guide will provide you with the five best French Bulldog breeders in Connecticut!

1. Frenchies CT

frenchies ct

Frenchies CT provides wonderful customer service for they have a quick response time and polite recipient. The dogs in Frenchies CT loving, well trained, and well behaved French Bulldogs, their Frenchies would truly brighten up your day once you’ve seen them what more if you’ve seen them every day at your home.

A transaction with them is such an ease and we got our small Frenchie without any hassle or problem. They’re a great breeder and I look forward to giving our small Davie a new friend from them someday.

Frenchies CT Details

2. Faberge Frenchies

Faberge Frenchies

Faberge Frenchies is around the Northern West side of Connecticut, their dogs were such a lovely bunch to play with and they seemed to understand you and your actions but no wonder they act like that for the owner of this breeder won the 2010 AKC Championship through her very first French Bulldog, Leah.

The owner made sure to raise her dogs as well as how Leah was raised, being well-fed, providing them proper training, making sure they’re taking their health tests, properly breeding them to ensure great traits, and teaching them a trick or two. 

           Faberge Frenchies Details

3. Frenchies of Mystic 

Frenchies of Mystic 

Harley and Charlie Rogers of Frenchies of Mystic put in such an awesome effort with their work that they made sure that I and my new puppy would be happy together, actually it’s probably applicable to any of the Frenchies in there. 

For they always make sure as soon as a puppy reaches an age where they can learn to adapt and understand picking up skills they would immediately teach them potty training, crate training and expose them to other dogs and Frenchies so that they’d know how they could socialize with other dogs and humans as well, making them such perfect housemates.

Frenchies of Mystic Details  

4. French Bulldogs Planet 

French Bulldogs Planet 

At French Bulldogs Planet they make sure their dogs and puppies are happy and are able to maintain their healthy bloodline by making sure each of them would get a vaccination, full health treatment with the Vet, flea and worm treatment, microchipped, and even DNA tests.

Everyone part of the French Bulldogs Planet are guaranteed experienced breeders that make their service trustworthy for they’ve made sure to keep their priority always, and that is to provide the best care possible for their Frenchies, for them to maintain their rare and exotic health quality.

French Bulldogs Planet Details

5. French Bulldogs of Connecticut 

french bulldogs of connecticut

French Bulldogs of Connecticut is a Facebook page run by Jen, she has a lifetime of experience in handling Frenchies of any kind. Raising them as healthy, jolly furballs of joy. Contacting her is very easy, barely an inconvenience, she’s just a type away on Facebook and she’ll respond almost immediately. 

Dogs from her care are really adorable and I really love that they have a community of other French Bulldog breeders as well. It just assures me of how they truly care about the well-being and health of each dog under their care.

From Smiling Bulldogs,

If this list helped you find French Bulldog puppies for sale in CT, be sure to leave a comment below on your experience. In case you find your desired French Bulldog, we’d like to congratulate you early in advance!

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