50 Best French Bulldog Rescues From ALL States (2021)

With harsh weather and wildfires throughout the United States, you might want to head to one of the French Bulldog rescues and provide these bulldogs with a warm and loving home. Especially when the French Bulldog was originally bred to be a person’s companion, it’s tough knowing that there are bulldogs (or any other breed of dogs) out there waiting to be loved by someone.

best french bulldog rescues

To provide you with a better perspective, these statistics will help you understand how many dogs are in need.

  • At least 6,500,000 dogs/cats enter the United States shelter annually.
  • Of the 6,500,000 companion animals, 3,300,000 of them are dogs.
  • In 2002, French Bulldogs were reported to be 0.02% of puppies born. By 2013, it was documented to be 1.46% of puppies born. With the rise in interest for French Bulldogs and breeders from all over the world, you can expect this number to be higher today.
  • By using the data from 2013 – if 3,300,000 dogs are placed in shelters annually, then the number of French Bulldogs (from using calculations) estimates to be 43,800 being placed for adoption every year.
  • Unfortunately, about 670,000 dogs are euthanized every year. The number comes out to be 9,782 French Bulldogs if we’re basing it on the percentage of French Bulldogs born in 2013.

Why should we adopt these French Bulldogs?

  1. By adopting, you’re saving them from being euthanized.
  2. You’re going to get a healthy pet because most dog rescues will examine and vaccinate them.
  3. By adopting, you save tons of money.
  4. You will feel better about saving a life.
  5. You’re not supporting puppy mills, which is frowned upon in the dog community.

Before you plan on heading on bringing home French Bulldog rescues, this information might help you before you proceed further. This information is collected from the American Kennel Club.

French Bulldog Info:

  • Temperament: Smart, Playful, Adaptable
  • Height: 11 to 13 inches
  • Weight: Less than 28 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years

Once you feel that you are ready to adopt a French Bulldog rescue, then let’s proceed to the best French Bulldog rescues from all 50 states in alphabetical order!

French Bulldog Rescue In Alabama – Boston Terrier French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama

Boston Terrier French Bulldog Rescue of Alabama

“Boston Terrier” is a shelter/rescue that does this kind of exercise so that animals don’t suffer. They are a non-profit organization that works for animal rescue for a long time now. They have helped various pets in getting treated with the help of donations that people have done generously over the years. The company’s founder and president Phyllis Nixon have also won various awards for the way, she has shown humanity towards animals as well.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

French Bulldog Rescue In Alaska – Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends (AARF)

Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends ( AARF)

Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends ( AARF) is a Non-Profit Corporation. The organization started with the help of people volunteers who took the initiative and started in the direction of helping the dogs in Alaska. They have given shelter to a number of dogs. Most of them have come from the bush communities and dog rescue foundations such as Bethel Friends of Canines have been the main contributors for them. They have also given shelter to the dogs who were discarded from their owners, and local animal control facilities as well. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

French Bulldog Rescue In Arizona – Almost Home Bulldog Rescue

Almost Home Bulldog Rescue

Almost Home Bulldog Rescue is a charitable organization based in the exotic Maricopa County of the state of Arizona. Over the years, they have rescued numerous neglected, unwanted, and abandoned pets. They have kept their main focus on English and French Bulldogs. Their motto too is clear “We can’t save every dog but we can make a difference… one dog at a time!” They have given medical care in their rescue centers. They have realized the sensitivity that should be shown towards the animals and are doing a great job in rescuing and saving a dog’s life.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Arkansas – Humane Society of Pulaski County

Warm Hearts Adoption

Humane Society of Pulaski County has grown leaps and bounds. Thanks to the sincere efforts that they have made in bringing a change in the lives of animals for the last 7 decades. They started this organization with the mission of rescuing abandoned animals. Not just abandoned but they have also given shelter to various stray dogs. Helped them with the medical conditions and all this with the help of donations that they receive from their well-wishers. They are also the only 4-star rated animal welfare charity in the whole of Arkansas. Kudos to them!

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

  • Website: Warm Hearts
  • Address: 14600 Colonel Glenn Road Little Rock, AR 72210

California – SoCal Bulldog Rescue

Socal Bulldog Rescue

Socal Bulldog Rescue is also known as the Southern California Dog rescue. They have started this non-profit organization with a mission of providing shelter, funds for medical assistance, and trying to find new homes for the abandoned ones. They accept the dogs who are sent by rescue groups or animal shelter homes. They have helped various bulldogs to find a new home and are treating over 100 bulldogs every year. They have a large network of volunteers who do home checks, transport, foster, and place bulldogs who join their rescue center. They started this a decade back and thus far have placed over 1000 bulldogs in Southern California.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Colorado – Moe Moe’s Rescue of the Rockies

Moe Moe’s Rescue Bulldog of the Rockies

Moe Moe’s Rescue Bulldog of the Rockies was started after the founder of this organization named Heather found a white bulldog on the road. He adopted her immediately and also realized the need for him to come forward and rescue many such creatures. Hence it all started in 2015 and a year later, Moe Moe’s Rescue of the Rockies organization was started. The organization has rescued 100s of bulldogs. Not just rescued but have helped find them a new home. Also helped many bulldogs who required medical attention. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Connecticut – Rescue Me

French Bulldog Rescue In Connecticut - Rescue Me

Connecticut Bulldog Rescue Me was started by an animal enthusiast named Jeff Gold. The organization that started by rescuing 1 dog a decade back has thus far rescued nearly 10k dogs. Ain’t it incredible? The owner though owes all the success to the volunteers of rescuing foundation. The network of volunteers is large and they have worked tirelessly to find and shelter the dogs in rescue me’s farm in Connecticut.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

French Bulldog Rescue In Delaware – Heaven Sent Bulldog Rescue

Heaven Sent Bulldog Rescue

Heaven Sent Bulldog Rescue is indeed a bulldog rescue group of volunteers who love this breed. Their mission is to re-home the bulldogs that are neglected by their owners and are wandering in the roads of Delaware. Not just in Delaware but the volunteers of Heaven Sent Bulldog Rescue have rescued bulldogs from Pennsylvania, New Jersey,  and New York among some other nearby places as well. They are dependent solely on donations and hence we all should come forward and support this organization.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Florida – French Bulldog Village

French Bulldog Village

The French Bulldog Village Rescue may not be a government recognized organization but they have people working from all across the United States with a common mission of rehabilitating, re-homing, and rescuing French Bulldogs and their mixes. In addition to people who are working in the rescue programs, they also have speakers who spread knowledge and awareness of the ownership and responsible acquisition of the French Bulldogs and their mixed breed.  They have successfully rehomed 100s of French Bulldogs not just in Florida but in the entire United States.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Georgia – Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue

Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue


Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue was formed way back in 1948 and is located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. They started rescuing bulldogs in 1993 when it was not a known commodity. They are a licensed, American Kennel Club sanctioned club. Besides rescue, they also conduct shows to spread awareness about bulldogs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Prior to finding a home for their bulldogs, they do a background check of the family who decides to take home one of their rescued bulldogs. They realize that every dog has different temperaments and different medical attention is required. Hence a deep check before they finally hand over their beloved dog to someone.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Hawaii – Hawaii French Bulldog Rescue

Hawaii French Bulldog Rescue

The Hawaii French Bulldog Rescue became a reality in the year 2004. The organization was founded by Mike & Desiree Rabang. Later Jackie also joined and all 3 of them have a common vision of re-homing, rescuing, and rehabilitating French Bulldogs. They are based in Hawaii and have thus far rescued and re-homed various Frenchies. They also spread the knowledge of this rare breed among people and request people to not just abandon them. If they have finally decided to neglect they can bring their Frenchies to them. The toddlers now have become an integral part of the organization who works wholeheartedly in their rescue mission.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Idaho – Idaho Humane Society

Idaho Humane Society

Idaho Humane Society was founded with a mission of advocating the responsibility of society towards animals. On various platforms, they have used their voice to spread awareness about the welfare and protection of animals against cruelty and neglect. They also promote compassion, and awareness about how sensitive animals are. They have been successful in bringing a meaningful change in the life of various pets. Hope they keep on doing this good work as society needs such people. Please come forward and support this beautiful organization in bringing a change that is the need of the hour.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Illinois – Wright-Way Rescue

Wright-Way Rescue

WRIGHT-WAY Rescue was started after two college mates saved a puppy and made this their mission in life. After they came to know that the puppy they saved was just one of many who were scheduled for euthanasia at a nearby animal control facility, they decided to take matters into their hands. The Wright-Way Rescue was formed in the year 2003 and has thus far saved 1000s of lives. They have kept it simple to figure out the problem, take action, and then create a change. They did the same while they rescued the first puppy and are still working with the same passion.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Indiana Bulldog Rescue

Indiana Bulldog Rescue


Hope for the Hopeless is the tagline of the Indiana Bulldog Rescue organization. They have a strong team of dedicated volunteers, foster families, and donors who have spent deep pockets to help bulldogs in need. They are based in Brownsburg and if you also wish to bring some change in the lives of the bulldogs, you can join the organization as a volunteer. Your skill and knowledge might help a bulldog find a family for himself/herself who accepts him/her with open arms. Bulldogs are one of the most admired dogs and yet people treat them with cruelty. This is where Indian Bulldog rescue steps in and help bulldogs to stay in their foster homes until they find an owner for them.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Iowa – Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

Lucky Bulldogs Rescue

Lucky Bulldogs Rescue is based in Iowa but has its team in Midwest and various other states as well. The organization was founded and funded by 5 dog enthusiasts. The organization’s mission is to rescue as many short snout (brachycephalic) dogs from the commercial breeding system. They have adopted, and rehabilitated various pets and made them experience a spoiled pet life. They accept the dogs abandoned by their owners with open hands. The dogs they rescue take shelter in their volunteers’ homes where they are treated with utmost care. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Kansas – Kansas Humane Society

Kansas Humane Society

The Kansas Humane Society is officially Wichita’s largest privately-funded, non-profit organization that works for the animal shelter. Their area of expertise includes dog grooming, humane education, foster opportunities, and programs for kids. Over the years the Kansas Humane Society has helped homeless and abandoned animals in the community. The organization has always maintained their stance that they feel proud in giving animals comfort, care, hope, and a chance to live the life they deserve.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Kentucky – Kentucky Humane Society

Kentucky Humane Society

The KHS (Kentucky Humane Society) is located in Louisville, Kentucky. KHS is Kentucky’s biggest pet adoption and rescue agency. This is a private non-profit organization that started in 1884. Not just adoption but they believe in educating and hence they provide virtual training sessions for animals. Their core values are based on  Compassion Matters,  Ever-Evolving, Inspire Others, and Always Stay Positive.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Louisiana – Take Paws Rescue

Take Paws Rescue

Take Paws Rescue is a non-profit, foster, and volunteer-based rescue group that is based in New Orleans, LA. Their Stray Café in the city of New Orleans has helped a few dogs at a time transition that they have faced from becoming homeless to getting back into loving forever homes.  They at their foster homes train the animals to learn socialization and spreading love. The main and perhaps the only mission of Take Paws Rescue is to meet the moral obligation to save and protect the lives of pets who are in need of some sort of help or rescue in Louisiana. Take Paws Rescue has thus far enacted this mission by pulling various pets from shelter homes and preparing them for adopters, rescue organizations, transport to fosters, and various other animal shelters located in and around the U.S.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Maine – Rescue Charlie’s Friends

Rescue Charlie’s Friends

Rescue Charlie’s Friends have kept it simple. They started this platform because the founders love dogs and want the dogs to have the best possible life. There are various dogs that have become homeless due to floods, hurricanes,  or fires. While some have been abused,  neglected, and abandoned. Whatever the cause may be, Resue Charlie Friends have just one aim that is to rescue them and find a loving forever family for them. They have facilitated dogs that come to them from various shelter dog homes.  They cater to areas such as Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, and others. They want to rescue as many dogs as they can but for this they too need help. Hence, let’s come forward and support this cause.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Maryland – Last Chance Animal Rescue

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Last Chance Animal Rescue operates in areas such as Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. Over the years they have saved cats, and dogs from over 50 high-kill shelters from over 12 states in the United States. The figure may sound a little exaggerated but yes they have re-homed over 100k cats and dogs in 21 years from the formation of this organization.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Massachusetts – Northeast Animal Shelter

Northeast Animal Shelter

Northeast Animal Shelter was established in the year 1976. This is New England’s biggest no-kill animal shelter. The shelter home for pets is located just over 40miles from Boston. Searching for the right match for the pet that comes on their door is their main aim. Thus far, they have placed nearly 150k cats & dogs. Since they are not dependent on funding from any private or government agencies, they weigh in on people to contribute a little chunk of their earnings as it can help save an animal.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Michigan – Michigan Humane

Michigan Humane

Michigan Humane was previously known as the Michigan Humane Society. They focus on bringing a change in the lives of not just animals but the people of Michigan as well. Every year they adopt over 8000 animals and the number speaks for itself. They operate 4 veterinary centers and shelter homes in cities such as Detroit, Westland, Howell, and Rochester Hills. To save and improve lives has been their main focus and since 1877 they have been doing it for the people of their community.  

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Minnesota – RuffStart Rescue

RuffStart Rescue

RuffStart Rescue is based in Princeton, Minnesota. It started exactly 10 years back after the organization President & Founder Azure Davis found a sick Pitbull in an Ohio Shelter home. She then decided to take that puppy along and from that is where Ruff Start Rescue was born. Post that incident, she decided to rescue not just dogs but cats, and other creatures who get neglected or abandoned. Since she had a little place, she grew a network of volunteers and Ruff Start Rescue today has a network of over 600 volunteers. All these volunteers serve as foster families for the animals that they adopt. They are active on various social media platforms and that is how they raise funds to run their organization.  

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Mississippi – Southern Pines Animal Shelter

Southern Pines Animal Shelter

Southern Pines Animal Shelter promotes animal welfare have made their base in the state of Mississippi. This is an open shelter home for animals where cats and dogs are accepted irrespective of any health condition. In the cities of Hattiesburg and Forrest County, they have provided housing to various stray animals.  In addition to that, they have also accommodated all the unwanted pets from all the counties nearby.  Every year since their inception they have rescued nearly 10k animals. Hence, next time if you consider adopting a pet, please consider Southern Pines Animal Shelter.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Missouri – Humane Society of Missouri

Humane Society of Missouri

The Humane Society of Missouri has been serving pets and people of Missouri since 1870.  Yes, it’s a 150-year-old organization. The organization has dedicated itself to providing second chances to be its people or pets. They provide a caring and safe environment to all the animals who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Their sole mission is to stop cruelty over animals and thereby also want to keep a check on the overpopulation of animals. They run various programs and through which they educate people to understand the importance of pets. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Montana – Montana Pets on the Net

Montana Pets on the Net

Montana Pets on the Net are highly active and post about every pet that they rescue on their site. Not just dogs but various other animals such as rabbits, pigs, cats,  and horses, they rescue them all and nurture them with care and love. They are adept in finding the right house for their pets and have thus far been able to deliver on the same with flying colors. Their main aim is to find the right family for every unwanted pet in Montana. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Nebraska – Nebraska Humane Society

Nebraska Humane Society

The Nebraska Humane Society was established in 1975 to bring a change in society. This is one of the oldest humane societies in the United States. NHS is also one of the largest humane societies in the country. They have provided shelter to homeless animals and people and provided them all the essentials to re-start their life. They run various programs and reach out to over 200k people and educate them about the importance of creatures. The organization has built a rescue home for the animals in an area of 13acres campus in which 500 dedicated volunteers put their heart and soul to spend time with these unwanted creatures. They also have a well-trained staff of 200 members who take care of animals and people who have come to them for shelter. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

  • Website: Nebraska Humane Society
  • Address: 8929 Fort Street Omaha, Nebraska 68134
  • Phone: (402) 444-7800
  • Social: https://www.facebook.com/NebraskaHumaneSociety

Nevada – Nevada Humane Society

Nevada Humane Society

Nevada Humane Society is the only open-admission shelter in the state of Nevada. The non-charitable organization was formed in 1972 with the sole purpose of addressing the issues of stray animals. They changed the whole idea in 2007 and decided to promote animal welfare by providing homes to rescued pets in Northern Nevada. They built a brand new shelter house in Carson City in 2016. At their shelter, all the animals are treated with care and are given the opportunity to live a carefree and spoiled pet life. From 2007 till now, they have found loving families for over 100,000 pets and the numbers are growing with every passing year.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

New Hampshire – New Hampshire Humane Society

New Hampshire Humane Society

New Hampshire Humane Society’s mission is to provide a second chance to all the animals who have suffered cruelty and abuse from their former owners. Not just them but also the stray or unwanted animals who are homeless. The New Hampshire Humane society has successfully found the right match for their pets. They have become the vice of animals who can’t speak for themselves and have been highly successful in their mission as well. People have come forward and donated generously to this organization. They also work round the clock to make sure animals don’t become a victim of abuse or cruelty.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

New Jersey – Northstar Pet Rescue

Northstar Pet Rescue


The situation of animals in the current time is desperate. This is where Northstar Pet Rescue has stepped in and has rescued various pets over the years. Their vision is for the animals who have been neglected or are homeless and can’t do much except to look in the night sky and look for the Northstar. The organization was started recently in the year 2017 with the help of some enthusiastic volunteers who have decided to become the voice of these animals. They may be new in New Jersey animal rescue but in this short time, they have shown what they are capable of. All the volunteers gave their sweat and blood to make sure the situation of the animals became better. Tammy Probst-Smith the founder of NorthStar Pet Rescue.  She got devastated after she lost her pet and hence decided to come up with something that takes care of pets. She herself spends most of her free time helping animals and this is the reason why this organization has grown leaps and bounds in such a short span of time.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

New Mexico – Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Watermelon Mountain Ranch was incorporated in the year 1996 in the state of New Mexico. The foundation was started by Lee and Sophia DiClemente. The organization was started with a small group of dedicated volunteers 25 years back and today it has become New Mexico’s Largest No-Kill Animal Shelter. They have a campus of over 10acres and every now and then they organize humane programs to serve the community. They have also created different centers like Don’s Angel Fund (for injured animals), Lee’s Retirement Village (for senior dogs), and Molly’s Mercy Missions (saving animals facing euthanasia in shelters across the Southwest and Juarez Mexico). From inception till now they have successfully placed over 150,000 animals at a better place to live in.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

New York – Animal Care Centers of NYC

Animal Care Centers of NYC

Animal Care Centers of New York City operates in all its boroughs. The care center is trying its best to find matching homes for all the discarded pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits. They have tied up with nearly 200 animal placement organizations. Through this tie-up, they have kept New York City in good shape as you will hardly find any stray dogs in the streets of New York City. Hence take a moment and appreciate the work done by Animal Care Centers of NYC. Let’s jin its mission and end animal homelessness in New York City.  

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

North Carolina – Saving Grace

French Bulldog Rescue In North Carolina - Saving Grace

Saving Grace Animals for Adoption have their headquarters in Wake Forest, North Carolina. The organization was established in 2004 and thus far they have helped 22,000 dogs to be adopted by families. Thus the families got a new member in their house and dogs got a house for themselves. By the time they are with the organization, they take complete care through regular vet check-ups and daily grooming. They believe in keeping the pets in good shape rather than just bringing them and use them as a decorative piece for their organization.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

North Dakota – Central Dakota Humane Society

Central Dakota Humane Society

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Ohio – Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

Franklin County has witnessed animal cruelty in recent years. Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center is committed to providing enforcement for dog laws in the community. They provide compassionate treatment of the dogs in their animal shelter and thereby also educate the people of their community to make sure they show some sensitivity towards these pets. The organization has dedicated itself to saving lives. Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center is arguably the largest animal shelter in Ohio. Every year they adopt nearly 10k puppies and dogs and also try their best in finding a new home for them.  

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Oklahoma – Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue

Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue

TABR ( Tornado Alley Bulldog Rescue) doesn’t have their own shelter home but they provide foster families to unwanted bulldogs. They examine every dog carefully to find the best-suited home for them. While in foster care, they train dogs and also make them learn house manners, how to socialize, and basic obedience skills. The organization is working in the state of Oklahoma and is working with limited capital. Even though they operate with limited resources they have still managed to find families for nearly 1500 bulldogs every year since its inception.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Oregon – Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue

Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue


Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue is a small organization working for the betterment of French and English Bulldogs. Started with the mission of rescuing, re-home, and rehabilitating bulldogs from public shelters, commercial breeding kennels, and various private rescue groups. The organization is run purely by volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure this breed doesn’t lose its existence and is found at the right place rather than on the streets of the United States. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Pennsylvania – Keystone Bulldog Rescue

Keystone Bulldog Rescue

Keystone Bulldog Rescue has committed itself to serve the bulldogs. They are a pet service provider and a nonprofit charitable organization that depends on the funding received through donors. They don’t just rescue bulldogs but other breeds as well. However, their area of interest is bulldogs. To fund their organization they have also started selling homemade dog foods.  They are always ready to help if you have a bulldog who needs help. They also invite sensors through their program to foster their pets by the time they find them a home.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

  • Website: Keystone Bulldog Rescue
  • Address: A PO Box 142, Ligonier, PA 15658
  • Phone: 888-390-6263
  • Social: Keystone Bulldog Rescue

Rhode Island – Rhode Home Rescue

Rhode Home Rescue

Rhode Home Rescue is adept in rescuing dogs from desperate unhealthy situations. This includes killing shelters, surrenders, stray dogs, incapable owners. They work tirelessly finding the pets the forever homes they deserve. They do a background check before they hand over the pet. At Rhode Home, they believe that adopting and rescuing not only save the animals but saves the community too!

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

South Carolina – Bullies 2 The Rescue

Bullies 2 The Rescue

Bullies 2 the Rescue is managed and run by a group of volunteers who have dedicated their lives to upbringing the lives of bulldogs. They have led their expertise in rescuing the rare breed English Bulldogs. They accept the unwanted bulldogs who are abandoned or neglected due to sickness or injury by their owners.  They make sure they keep them safe while they are with them and meanwhile try their best to find a perfect home for the Bullies. They have rescued a number of bulldogs regardless of any medical conditions. They get them treated, make them healthy again and after that, they find homes for them where they are accepted as a family member. They don’t adopt just to rescue the ones who are neglected. English Bulldogs are in a way a high maintenance creature and therefore people after a while tend to get rid of them. If you have any such case bring them to Bullies 2 The Rescue as they will make sure they go to a family that accepts them with hands wide open. The organization does have a private shelter home called Bungalow.  However, they use foster homes to accommodate their pets.  

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

South Dakota – Black Hills Bulldog Rescue Group

Black Hills Bulldog Rescue Group

Black Hills Bulldog Rescue Group is a group comprising of English Bulldog lovers and owners. They are all working in tandem to help and rescue English Bulldogs who needs help in the state of South Dakota and surrounding states. You can contact them if you find an English Bulldog who is in need of help in the areas they cater to.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Tennessee – Smoky Mountain Bulldog Club

Smoky Mountain Bulldog Club

Smoky Mountains Bulldog Rescue is an organization that started after they saw bulldogs in miserable conditions. They adopt and then rehome bulldogs through this organization. They have also organized various rescue programs and have saved many bulldogs. Bulldogs’ lifespan is less and they are allergic as well. Hence after a while owners discard them as their hefty vet bills can take a toll on pockets. However, they educate the people on how to keep bulldogs in good shape and how they should be treated as they are among the most loyal dogs.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Texas – Austin Bulldog Rescue

Austin Bulldog Rescue

ABR (Austin Bulldog Rescue) is a breed-specific, non-profit organization. They work for breed-specific, English Bulldog rescue in Austin, Texas. ABR over the years has rescued various English Bulldogs from various rescue groups and animal shelter homes. They have also rescued various English Bulldogs from owners who failed to properly take care of their bulldogs. Their sole intention is to find the best match after evaluating the bulldog’s temperament and find them a family that matches their needs. They take this responsibility of finding homes for rescued bulldogs seriously. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Utah – Bulldog Rescue of Utah

Bulldog Rescue of Utah

The Bulldog Club of Utah Rescue group is comprised of volunteers who do the job of rescuing bulldogs seriously. They accept the bulldogs discarded by the owners. After rescuing they send the bulldog straight to rehab centers to get the medical treatment they need. They also work in reducing the overpopulation of pets.  Many dogs that they have rescued are from humane societies and local animal shelters. They have maintained their stance that they don’t buy dogs but just rescue them and the medical bills of the dogs are passed on to their new owners. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Vermont – Vermont English Bulldog Rescue

Vermont English Bulldog Rescue

Vermont English Bulldog Rescue is a breed-specific, English Bulldogs, non-profit organization. The organization is fully dedicated to the mental and physical rehabilitation of a former puppy mill. The organization has worked tirelessly in rescuing English Bulldogs.  Besides rescue, the organization has also educated the people of the community to address the issue against pets sensitively. To take care of finances they also run a store through which they sell sketches, and bulldogs grooming kits among others. Though they are based in Vermont they accept English Bulldogs from all across the country.  

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Virginia – River City Bulldog Rescue

River City Bulldog Rescue

River City Bulldog Rescue operates in the United States and Canada. Their aim is to find the best rescue match for the rescued bulldogs. The list of finding forever homes for bulldogs is huge and is working tirelessly to make sure that they hand over the reduced bulldogs in the right hands. They are one of those organizations that work in multiple countries.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Washington – Bulldog Haven NW

Bulldog Haven NW

Bulldog Haven NW is an adoption and rescue organization that provides a safe place for French & English Bulldogs. They provide physical & mental rehabilitation, breed-specific shelter assistance,  rehoming, medical care, and more. The organization is run by experts who are skilled in rescuing and grooming bulldogs. The group has a team that alerts them about dogs that need care and attention. 

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

West Virginia – Paws Crossed Dog Rescue

Paws Crossed Dog Rescue

Paws Crossed Dog Rescue is operating in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. They also operate in all surrounding communities and have thus far rescued over 200, 000 pets and have successfully placed most of them. They take care of the adopted and rescue pets through foster homes and by the time they are with them they make sure that pets enjoy their time.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Wisconsin – Wisconsin Bulldog Rescue

Wisconsin Bulldog Rescue

Wisconsin Bulldog Rescue is a bulldog animal shelter. They are one of those groups who do the work silently rather than boasting the amount of work that they have done. They are a breed-specific organization that works for the betterment of bulldogs. They have saved plenty of bulldogs that were left on the roads or abandoned by their owners.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

Wyoming – Black Dog Animal Rescue

Black Dog Animal Rescue

Black Dog Animal Rescue is definitely the largest rescue group in Wyoming. Their volunteers are working in tandem to ensure a better future not just for the pets but for the people of their community as well. Don’t go on their name of Black dog as they save and rescue dogs irrespective of their color.

French Bulldog Rescue Details:

From Smiling Bulldogs,

We hope that everyone reading this guide will be able to find their French Bulldog rescues! Adoption is important and will mean the entire world to these Frenchies.

If you’re unsure – check out Breeder Vs. Shelter and maybe this might help you.

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