Do French Bulldogs Swim? “My French Bulldog Can Swim!”

For a tiny-sized bulldog with such an enormous heart, you might be asking yourself do French Bulldogs swim?

Aside from their adorable-looking faces, French Bulldogs cannot swim due to the amount of energy required to raise their heads over the water.

They’ll constantly try to swim like the other breed of dogs, but chances are – they’ll sink like pebbles in the water.

On the bright side, you’ll get to work an extra shift as a lifeguard when your French Bulldog is trying to have fun.

french bulldog swimming vest

One solution is you can try ordering a life vest just like the image above, so your Frenchie can have the most fun possible.

French Bulldog Swimming Vest

french bulldog swimming vest

If you don’t mind draining a little bit of your wallet, you can try ordering a swimming vest for your French Bulldog! You can order these French Bulldog swimming vests online for between $15 to $40.

If swimming and going to the beach is something you enjoy, then I highly recommend spending a bit so your companion to enjoy it with you.

Snik-S French Bulldog Life Jacket

Snik-S Dog Life Jacket

While there are tons of selections for swimming vests for your Frenchie, one of my suggestions is the Snik-S Dog Life Jacket. The Snik-S Dog Life Jacket comes in two color choices, which are blue and orange.

The vendor also provides a large range in size. You can expect to find:

  • Extra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

This life vest will not only help your French Bulldog, but it’ll make your French Bulldog ten times as cute with the added fin.

Your French Bulldog will become the center of attention with the additional fin because bulldogs love attention, right?

Aside from the appearance of the life vest, this product comes with a safety velcro, which makes it easy to use and helps fit your Frenchie perfectly.

french bulldog swimming vest

What if you noticed that your French Bulldog is swimming without a life vest?

Would having a life vest be necessary anymore?

My French Bulldog Can Swim Without A Life Vest

my french bulldog can swim

Alright – we can agree that French Bulldogs are playful and love to have fun with other breeds of dogs. If you happen to catch your French Bulldog swimming without a life vest, chances are – your Frenchie loves danger and fun but you should definitely keep an eye out.

French Bulldogs don’t have enough energy to stay above water for too long. If you noticed this, you should move your bulldog to a lower level of water or stay close to it.

If you don’t believe that French Bulldogs are playful and love jumping into the water, check out this YouTube video I found.

French Bulldog Can’t Swim Video From YouTube



If you go on YouTube and type in “French Bulldog can’t swim video,” you will find this on the top result.

At the 0:07 second mark, this owner’s bulldog jumped into what seems like a lake. The owner had to jump into the lake to rescue this poor bulldog that only wants to have fun.

Maybe French Bulldogs are emotionally needy after all.

Hopefully, this video will show future or current French Bulldog owners that these playful guys will definitely jump into the water for whatever cause so keep an eye out!


In the end, French Bulldogs are terrible swimmers due to a lack of ability to raise their heads above water. You can help your Frenchie swim by purchasing a life vest or let them stay around lower levels of water.

For such a loving dog, they’ll find an opportunity to jump into the water so owners should definitely keep an eye out.

Not only French Bulldogs are playful but there are other types of bulldogs you should definitely check out as well.

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