French Bulldog Mixed With Shih Tzu: 101 Info

The French Bulldog Mixed With Shih Tzu is a mixed breed of dogs. Two pure breeds such as the French Bulldog and Shih Tzu are allowed to mate. This gives rise to a unique type of mixed-breed dog known as the French Bull Tzu. This breed of a dog reflects the characteristics of both the parent breed.

The similarities can be noticed in their physical features as well as in their temperament. French Bull Tzus have specific characteristics that make them stand out in a crowd of mixed breed dogs. French Bull Tzus are very fluffy, adorable, and soft. Since both parents come from short breeds, this mixed breed also has a short stature. The result of crossbreeding is unique and very unpredictable.

How the mixed-breed dog will turn out is a complete mystery. The French Bull Tzu may represent more characteristics of one parent and very few features of the other parent. The appearance and the personality of every French Bull Tzu are different from one another. If you want a small and caring dog who can adapt to any environment, a French Bull Tzu is perfect for you!

Best Diet For French Bull Tzus

French Bulldog Mixed With Shih Tzu

French Bull Tzus are not fussy eaters. As mentioned above, they can adapt to different types of diet. However, if you want your pet to remain healthy and free from infections, it is necessary to provide the correct kind of food and in the right quantity.

Make sure you supply your French Bull Tzus enough protein every day along with sufficient carbohydrates and fats. Remember not to miss out on essential vitamins and minerals. As a puppy, adding more protein to their diet is important. Make sure you keep an account of the food allergies and avoid products that cause rashes or other types of irritation.

This mixed breed of dogs enjoys a lot of pampering and the situation is no different when it comes to their diet. Make sure you arrange for a premium grade of dog food. The dry food should be crunchy, easy to eat, and delicious. At every age, the dietary needs are different for French Bull Tzus.

Make sure you change the proportion of macro and micronutrients in the diet according to the necessities of different age groups. Do not allow your pet to overeat as this may lead to several health complications later.

Training Your French Bull Tzu

French Bulldog Mixed With Shih Tzu

French Bull Tzus can be difficult to train. Do not lose heart if your dog refuses to cooperate during training. With a sufficient amount of affection and motivation, your pet will gradually warm up to the trainer. French Bull Tzus are extremely enthusiastic, smart, and learn quickly.

Each mixed breed French Bull Tzu responds to different types of teaching methods. Some work exceptionally well with the positive reinforcement method, while some others may respond better to classical conditioning. No matter what, try to be patient with your pet. Avoid punishment, rudeness, and yelling as this will make your pet insecure and will start avoiding you out of fear. Instead of punishment, you may try out negative reinforcement, however, avoid harshness at all costs.

Young French Bull Tzus often have a very short span of attention and they can be difficult to motivate. Start with basic training and commands. Do not start with complicated courses of action as this will create a negative impact on your dog and will demotivate them. If you are unable to teach your French Bull Tzu even the simplest actions, hire a trainer immediately.

Temperament and Personality of French Bull Tzus

French Bulldog Mixed With Shih Tzu

When it comes to French Bull Tzus, no one can avoid their smushy little face and their charming personality. You will instantly fall in love with this mixed breed of dogs. Just like its parent pure breeds, French Bull Tzus are extremely cute and fluffy.

With proper training and development of social skills, French Bull Tzus will be affectionate, caring, and friendly. They can adapt to family life and are perfect for households that have older members and young teenagers. It is important to note that these sweet little pets demand a lot of attention, therefore make sure you cuddle with them at least once every day.

A common problem is that French Bull Tzus often become close to a specific member of the family and may experience separation anxiety whenever that member is not present. This problem can be avoided if the other members of the family interact with them and keep them preoccupied.

French Bull Tzus love to play and enjoy going on long walks. You can also play simple games with your pet like puzzles of fetch. They respond well to engaging activities like walking or playing. You can also teach them tricks like how to stand on two legs or jump through a hula hoop.  

Some Common Health Complications and Life Expectancy of French Bull Tzus

Most mixed breed dogs have high resiliency and an improved immunity system. When two healthy purebred dogs are crossbred, the resultant puppy is usually very healthy. This is a common technique to inculcate the good features of two pure breeds into one crossbred offspring.

However, this may result in several complications as well. Sometimes the puppy inherits all the negative traits from both the parents. This may be quite dangerous for the offspring as it will lower the life expectancy of the crossbred dogs by several years. There is no guarantee as to how healthy or how unhealthy the puppy will turn out to be.

Some common health problems of these crossbred dogs are complications with vision and hearing, allergies, and respiratory difficulties. Make sure you take your pet to a reliable pet at definite intervals for routine checkups. French Bull Tzus usually live for about 10 to 14 years.

The life expectancy is different for every French Bull Tzu. The health and life expectancy of these crossbred dogs depends massively on the genetic information inherited from both parents.

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