5 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Wisconsin! (Reviews!)

Finding the best French Bulldog breeders in Wisconsin can make a person quite indecisive especially when they’re debating between a breeder or shelter. After choosing the path of going through a French Bulldog breeder, you might not be quite sure which breeder to contact.

Fortunately for you – this guide will provide you with the best French Bulldog breeders in Wisconsin!

1. RJ Hilltop Ranch

RJ Hilltop Ranch

I highly recommend RJ Hilltop Ranch and RJ. After much research, I knew instantly the instant we spoke on the phone how passionate and loving she was about her business of ethical breeding. 

I had many questions at the start and RJ always answered me in an exceedingly timely fashion. I trusted her and her knowledge of bulldogs. I now have two amazing and loving French Bulldogs that started their precious lives within the amazing care of RJ Hilltop Ranch.

RJ Hilltop Ranch Details

2. Terrilynn Kennels

Terrilynn Kennels

We first visited Terrilynn Kennels a few years ago to look for a French Bulldog, and that we brought Jethro home! He’s the foremost loving, sweet-tempered boy and was the beginning of a beautiful life with what would be a new-found love for the breed. Jethro belongs to my son.

So I made a decision to urge one for myself. A month later I made a decision he needed a brother to stay with his company. Well to create an extended story short I now have 4 Frenchies. Yep, I’m crazy loving with them all! they’re all from Terrilynn Kennels’. I might not go anywhere else. People at Terrilynn Kennels are the most loving, caring people out there, and their dogs show it. They put plenty of hands-on time together with her dogs.

Terrilynn Kennels Details

3. Ridge Run Frenchies

ridge run frenchies

Reaching out onto the Ridge Run Frenchies we were greeted by a beautiful bunch of jolly Franchises! Jesse was very knowledgeable and extremely patient with us with all of our first-time-dog-parent questions and allowed us to play with the litter at our leisure. We chose Stela that day and picked her up 3-weeks later. 

Fast forward to today to the foremost social, cuddly, and sweet puppy. Stela loves chewing on pig ears, long-lasting belly rubs, and bouncing sort of a bunny to greet us every day as we get home from work. Her natural playful temperament is mirrored by often taking naps daily on the living room floor, snuggly mornings waiting patiently for us to require her out, and unlimited face kisses for absolutely no reason! Her wiggly booty is now our favorite thing on this planet and that we couldn’t imagine this year or the years to return without her and also the joy she has brought us.

Ridge Run Frenchies Details

4. For The Love of Frenchies

for the love of frenchies

I had been searching for a Frenchie since I lost mine two years ago. After looking up adoption and breeder sites, I found For The Love of Frenchies. April was wonderful to negotiate with. She gleefully answered all of the questions I threw at her and was there to guide me. 

Our Betsy is now six months old and she’s such a loveable puppy. She gets together with her housemate beautifully. She could be a healthy and happy puppy with an exquisite demeanor. I’m so happy to possess her and am very happy to have found For the Love of Frenchies. I guarantee I’ll be back.

For The Love of Frenchies Details

5. Je Amore’ French Bulldog

Je Amore’ French Bulldog

Shanon is THE BEST communicator I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! If she ever kept track. As mentioned, she was kindly answering all these things not even knowing if I’d be a potential Je Amore’ family member! No other breeders or even rescues would give me the time of day. Other places would just tell me a price… look? I didn’t ask for that but thanks! All of that was another huge reason I stopped even peeking elsewhere. It was settled. Put me on the list! Shanon continued to answer question after question, and she kept me up to date on everything from the time we found out Sky was pregnant! 

Communication continued to go amazingly well with updates galore and pictures after pictures.

I consider Shanon to be a friend now and family here, too! I reached out in no regards to dogs whatsoever at times. Can we talk about that nursery? It’s like the most soothing vet’s office I’ve ever seen! And I say vet because she’s got all the equipment that they have to care for these babies 110% after they are brought home after birth. Adorably sweet whelping box constantly filled with all the fleece.. the heat lamps… fireplace in the room, AND it’s also a bedroom. Not to save room, but because Shanon and her family are with these babies 24/7.

It’s so hard to explain what it means to know that your puppy is being TRULY loved and cared for. When my little stinker was difficult with food, she spoons fed until he got the hang of it. There’s a comfort level with Shanon and Marty that cannot be beaten. They may breed these gorgeous dogs, but they are not your average breeder by any means. Above and beyond through the whole process. They’re dream-makers. No exaggeration at all. They are absolute angels and I can’t say that enough.

Je Amore’ French Bulldog Details

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