Why Are French Bulldogs Hyper? (5 Reasons!)

Most types of bulldogs are boisterous by nature and French Bulldogs even more so. There is a misconception that French Bulldogs don’t need as much exercise as other dogs due to their small size. However, French Bulldogs are so rowdy that they can often have excessive energy.

French Bulldogs can be hyper due to:

  • Boredom
  • Sensing Danger
  • Diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Possible phobias

are french bulldogs hyper

Hence, it can be difficult for their owners to keep up. Nevertheless, if you want to know about all the reasons why your Frenchie is so hyperactive and tips to curb this enthusiasm a little, we have got you covered.

5 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Hyper

are french bulldogs hyper

Generally, French Bulldogs are sociable and very good around others. However, suppose your dog is not considerably calm most of the time and jumps, barks, or runs around incessantly. In that case, there might be some underlying issue causing this hyperactivity.

Some of these reasons are easy to handle include the following.

1. They Are Bored

If your Frenchie is not getting enough playtime, it will begin to get bored. Bored dogs, regardless of their breed, tend to bark to release their frustration. If you work a lot and your bulldog is home alone, they will instantly get more active when you get home, as they are happy to see you.

2. Sensing Danger

If your French Bulldog keeps on barking or is excessively more hyperactive than usual, it may be to alert you. You may be unaware of something like an intruder. It is an instinct in many dogs, especially when you consider their sharp sense of smell.

3. Diet

Another reason for this hyper nature could be that you are not feeding them enough. It could also be because they do not like the food. If your dog gets hyperactive around mealtime, it is an indication of these two possibilities.

4. Lack of Exercise

Suppose you do not exercise your dog enough. In that case, it will be hyperactive until it gets some energy release. Hence, it is imperative that if your Frenchie is home alone some hours every day, you must take it for a walk or let it run out in the open.

5. Some Possible Phobias

If your Frenchie is a rescue dog, there is a high possibility that some abuse could have induced some level of phobia to take root in its brain. This could make it act out in hyperactive ways.

5 Tips To Calm This Hyper Nature

are french bulldogs hyper

If your dog is not harboring any phobias and does not have any health issues requiring professional help, below are some techniques you can employ to help your Frenchie calm down and stay that way.

  • Daily exercise and activity can be an easy yet effective cure.
  • Provide your dog with mental stimulation. Give your Frenchie small tasks to do, like finding something, learning a fun trick, and other kinds of mental stimulants are a fantastic way to spend some of their surplus energy.
  • If you train your French Bulldog every day for a specific period, they will automatically feel calmer and more disciplined.
  • Make sure to check its diet. It is crucial to ensure its food doesn’t contain a lot of sugar and empty calories. In such a case, you must switch it to something more natural and limit the sugar.
  • Give your dog rewards because utilizing treats to reward your four-legged pal can work wonders. It can help their nature when they are calm. However, you must not overdo it.

From Smiling Bulldogs,

It is normal for French Bulldogs to be hyper. It indicates their playful nature, and then they calm down shortly. However, suppose this behavior persists and begins to be alarming. Then, it is time for some thorough assessment of what could be the cause. You must ensure that your pet stays healthy.

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