California Loves Frenchies (French Bulldog Breeder Review)

California Loves Frenchies is a widely recognized French Bulldog dealer in the Los Angeles area. They are highly honored to be a well-known seller of french dogs as they provide a supreme set of knowledge on breeding as well as the meals to raise a healthy dog. French Bulldogs are happening as a pet.

French Bulldogs are mostly desirable not just in the U.S but across the globe. These features make it so much wanted and this is where the California Loves Frenchies are the business leaders.

California Loves Frenchies Review

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They take good care of the dogs. Every morning they take the dogs to a walk. They always prioritize the health and wellness of the dogs. They are very strict in nurturing their dogs and are sincere in maintaining a good relationship with the dogs.

They are personally attached to the dogs raise them just like their own child They take utmost care in making a diet plan for their dogs as it is the ultimate criteria for the overall wellbeing of the dogs. As pro and ethical breeders, they are one step ahead in providing guidance of keeping them in a well-maintained position once you decide to have one.

They are very serious in training the dogs to be socialized before they are transferred to their new owners so that they feel comfortable under the arms of their new owners. To check on the immunity level of the dogs they do health check-ups on daily basis.

Good quality of information on the upcoming young ones is available on their site, you just need to check it out and if you have a specific demand for the same then you need to do is contact them and within a stipulated time you will have your pet. All the dogs need is love and care.

On their site, you will find images of the puppies which is being sold by them in the past. If you have finally decided to own one then just go and grasp the deals at the earliest. Most importantly you just need to fill a form available on their site and their team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Also, you can be linked to them personally through their contact number provided by them on their site. Even after u have issues after bringing them home regarding your French Bulldog puppy’s health or any other matter you can still contact them. Their team will always be happy to help you.

Why Choose California Loves Frenchies?

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If you want to have a French dog you should always look for an ethical seller who is well acquainted with the rearing and caring of the dogs which is the ultimate feature of California loves Frenchies.

They have a list of well-satisfied client across the world whose reviews makes us feel proud. Moreover, you should not think about the payment issues because they provide a wide range of payment options from cash to Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.

You can also follow their page on social media like Facebook and Instagram as they remain quite active on social networking sites. They make sure that their puppies are well trained, maintained, and examined before they are handed over to their new owners. 

They also provide a puppy starter kit that consists of all the instructions and guidelines for upbringing a puppy, puppy toys, and a puppy cloth along with the French Bulldog puppy. California Loves Frenchies also offer a one-year health guarantee.

California Loves Frenchies Testimonials

california loves frenchies testimonials

california loves frenchies testimonials

California Loves Frenchies Details

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From Smiling Bulldogs,

We hope that California Loves Frenchies is the right recommendation for your journey into finding French Bulldog breeders in the Los Angeles area.

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