5 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Virginia! (Reviews!)

For some people, finding the best French Bulldog breeders in Virginia can sometimes be quite the challenge. It’s intimidating and worrisome because you don’t know who you’re dealing with.

Fortunately for you, this article will provide you with the top five breeders in Virginia.

1. Kaigan Kennels

Kaigan Kennels

In January 2020, we spoke to Laurel at Kaigan Kennels, who we were mentioned by a friend, and it had been just a breath of fresh air. She was open, transparent, and understanding of the constraints of a working couple who wanted to feature a puppy in their lives. She had a litter that will be ready on our timeline, and with a straightforward deposit, she was able to conceive of having one for us. As we got closer, we talked about training, and albeit our nervousness about those first few weeks of sleep/potty training. She gave us a resource with her friend, who train and would show up dogs with Laurel regularly. 

Kim was ready to take the puppy for two weeks after she left the litter and acquired her accustomed sleeping in her bed, going potty outside, and fiddling with their 2 large dogs and little kids. We picked up our sweet girl Rosie at about 14 weeks old, and she or he has been a tremendous addition to our family. She is playful, loving, social, and encompasses a hilarious personality now at 7 months old. Our girl is very healthy and her breeding was easy. We are very blessed to have found our new Frenchies, and we would want to recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Frenchie that is adorable and wants them to add to their family.

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2. MJ Frenchies

MJ Frenchies

We are so grateful to have found MJ Frenchies — it had been a priority for us to figure with a conscientious breeder when searching for a French bulldog to hitch our family, and it absolutely was clear from the get-go that Dona is dedicated to their dogs’ well-being. Our first (about an hour-long!) telephone call, she made it clear that they have high standards for the health of their dogs, also as for the homes they place them in, and he or she was a font of data and advice for us as new pet owners. 

She kept involved with us for nearly a year before we brought home a puppy, Rufio, who (even if we are a bit biased!) is an exceptionally handsome, healthy, smart, and sweet-tempered Frenchie — and that we are comforted to understand we will reach Dona directly anytime with questions. We love our little guy to pieces and can’t thank MJ Frenchies’ enough for raising such an ideal pup!

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3. East Coast Frenchies Club

East Coast Frenchies Club

I began trying to find a French bulldog puppy via the AKC website. It was essential to search out a reputable breeder which is how we found East Coast Frenchies Club. Dennis was very responsive to our inquiries and invited us to take a visit to East Coast Frenchies Club before we make our final decision. We were very impressed with everything and felt this was a good choice. While we’re waiting, Dennis keeps on answering our questions and we also loved that they posted videos of East Coast Frenchies Club’s litter every week on social media. 

The day we picked our puppy up, Dennis made sure to provide us with the acceptable paperwork and goody bag together with instructions to assist ease our puppy’s transition to our home. Our puppy is such a contented, healthy girl, and we are so happy to have found her and East Coast Frenchies Club. We share an identical vet and he even commented on what prime quality puppies East Coast Frenchies Club has. We also know we are able to still stay in-tuned with any questions about her. Such a knowledgeable breeder who obviously loves her dogs! We are so happy that we found Dennis and got this lovely puppy!

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4. Japacas

japacas french bulldog

We got our puppy, Harley in October 2016. We put our deposit down in August when she was just two weeks old. Since we couldn’t bring her home immediately Japacas would send weekly videos of her. Those videos were the highlight of the week for us until we could bring her home. When the time came to get her up it was a simple process. 

We live within some hours of Japacas so we were able to see where she spent the first weeks of her life and could tell she was loved and well cared for. Harley has been with us for a bit over two years. She is healthy, happy, and spoiled! Because of Japacas’ meticulous breeding standards, we have the proper 17lb Frenchie. When it’s time to feature another puppy to the family, we are going to not look anywhere else!

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5. Va. Frenchie’s

va frenchie's

I highly recommend Va. Frenchie’s, they’re a great breeder and kennel who take great pride and dedication to the breeding of their treasured pups! I’m the proud fur mama to “Stella” who is a female brindle Frenchie lovingly bred by Marley at Va. Frenchie’s. Stella is ultimately in my opinion the best French Bulldog. Her temperament, breeding, and overall being are remarkable and she is a certified service dog for my son. If you would like quality in any of the breeds that Laurel makes a specialty of, you’ll not be disappointed!

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Hopefully, you’re able to find the French Bulldog puppies for sale in Virginia! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to use the info. of these locations or leave a comment below.

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