How To Find Cheap French Bulldog Puppies Under $500 In Arkansas!

Finding cheap French Bulldog puppies under $500 in Arkansas without a doubt can be difficult for a soon-to-be bulldog owner. Not only that but the price of French Bulldogs typically ranges between $1,500 to $3,000 on average

The good news is – there are ways to find cheap sellers for French Bulldog puppies! While there are breeders all around Arkansas, you can expect the price to be quite high. Instead, we’ll try to locate French Bulldog puppy sellers on platforms Craigslist.

What you’re going to need to do:

  • Browse Craigslist and search for your potential French Bulldog
  • Contact and negotiate price if it’s out of your budget range
  • Set up a meeting time and location

Browsing Craigslist

craigslist french bulldogs

The first thing you need to do is browse Craigslist targeting Arkansas location. Craigslist is a United States advertising website where people can search for dogs, other pets, sell, buy, etc.

Not only used in the United States but also:

  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • Latin America
  • Africa

Once you’re on Craigslist, scroll down and search for Arkansas. The states should be listed in alphabetical order, so it should be easy to find.

craigslist arkansas

You can search for a nearby city as well to prevent longer travels. Under Arkansas, find the best county for you to find your French Bulldog puppy.

  • Fayetteville
  • Fort Smith
  • Jonesboro
  • Little Rock
  • Texarkana

In this example, I’ll use Fayetteville. It should take you to this screen below. Click on it.

craigslist arkansas pets

You’re a few steps away from finding your French Bulldog! After clicking on it, Craigslist should take you to a page filled with pet-related listings.

Now type in “French Bulldog” using the search bar above these listings and hit search.

arkansas french bulldog craigslist

You will find a list of results! Fortunately for me, the list is quite large. In one of the recent listings for French Bulldogs, I found this:

purebred french bulldog puppy craigslist arkansas

After clicking through different listings and you find the most desirable one, click on it. If you’re unable to locate any French Bulldogs, try searching for a nearby county.

Contacting & Negotiating

arkansas craigslist french bulldog

You can see how many days ago the listing was posted. It’s best to find the most recent ones because there’s a higher chance of your potential French Bulldog puppy being available.

Since this is an example, I’ll use this one.

Once you find the listing you’re content with, click on “reply.” Occasionally, you can find listings with added contact info. If not – you’re going to have to use the reply box.

Now copy and paste the email from the listing and send an email. Try to ask for images of the French Bulldog before you set the time and location.

If the price of the French Bulldog is out of your budget range, you can try to negotiate for a better price (hopefully $500 and under).

Setting Up Meeting

Once you get in touch with the seller and receiving the images of the French Bulldog puppies, then you can proceed from there once you’re content with what the owner is providing.

Now set up a meeting time and location to pick up your French Bulldog puppy.

Sometimes, finding the right French Bulldog puppy in Arkansas can be difficult but keep searching and browsing. You’ll eventually find the right one that’ll fit your budget range.

From SmilingBulldogs,

It’s not easy to find a cheap French Bulldog puppy under $500 in Arkansas. If you keep looking on Craigslist or other advertising platforms, you’ll eventually find one. Since most French Bulldogs are above $1,500, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time on Craigslist.

If French Bulldogs are out of your budget range, perhaps you can check out the types of bulldogs that might interest you.

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