French Bulldog Mixed With Pomeranian: A Compelling Breed

The French Bulldog mixed with Pomeranian is loved by countless individuals. The way they similarly appear to its small-sized body makes it the perfect companion for a bulldog owner.

Both Pomeranian and the French Bulldog are tiny dogs and they’re certainly charming too! When it comes to French Bulldog + Pomeranian mixed, what does this mix look like more?

The French Bulldog or Pomeranian?

french bulldog mixed with pomeranian
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What does this French Bulldog Pomeranian mix look more like to you?


french bulldog mixed with pomeranian history

All mixed dog breeds are sometimes difficult to understand their bloodlines due to a lack of history. When it comes to breeding specific dog breed, it wasn’t common until about two decades ago.

As for the French Bulldog mixed with Pomeranian, we’ll provide you with a history behind the parent breeds.

French Bulldog

Also known by its common nickname Frenchie, these bulldogs were bred to be a miniature version of the Bulldog. This type of breed was common around lace workers from a known city, Nottingham.

In the past, workers from factory-environment jobs moved to France to explore opportunities. During the migration, French Bulldogs were brought along as well. This led to a spark in interests of the French Bulldog.


As for Pomeranian dogs, they came from bigger working dog breeds in the Arctic areas. They were considered to have come from German Spitz.

Size & Weight

french bulldog mixed with pomeranian size and weight

This section will cover the French Bulldog and Pomeranian size and weight.

French Bulldog

  • French Bulldog can grow between 12 to 16 inches in height
  • They can weigh between 40 to 55 pounds.
  • The lifespan averages between 8 to 10 years.


  • The Pomeranian male dog can grow between 7 to 12 inches high while female Pomeranian dogs can grow 7 to 12 inches or more.
  • As for weight, Pomeranians can range between 3 to 7 pounds.


french bulldog mixed with pomeranian

The French Bulldog mixed with Pomeranian can make a person flood them with love because they’re certainly kind and friendly. You can expect them to do well with their owners. Although they are tiny in size, they can sometimes be hot-blooded.

For a small-sized dog, they won’t mind being in charge.  This type of mix should do well with other dog breeds or house pets if they’re properly trained in a social environment.

Another great thing about the French Bulldog mixed with Pomeranian is that they are quite independent even when you have a noisy or loud home.


french bulldog mixed with pomeranian health

Every dog breed has a chance of developing genetic health issues. The good news is – if you get a puppy, you can prevent this as much as possible. If you’re in search of a breeder, try to locate a breeder that will offer a health guarantee on your mixed French Bulldog and Pomeranian.

A great breeder will notify you honestly about the potential or current health problems of your dog.

As for problems, your potential French Bulldog mixed with Pomeranian might deal with these health issues:

  • Eye problems
  • Deafness
  • Patellar luxation
  • Reverse sneezing
  • Skin issues
  • Tail issues


german shepherd mixed with pomeranian feeding

A majority of the time, a diet for a dog is based on your dog’s age, breed, and several other factors. It’s known that most dogs in the United States are above their average weight.

Try not to overfeed your French Bulldog mixed with Pomeranian because it can lead to serious health problems.

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Overall, French Bulldog mixed with Pomeranian is definitely a great mix! It’s a great family dog if you’re If you happen to be in search of bulldogs only, maybe this guide explaining the types of bulldogs might interest you.

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