Frenchies Vs. French Bulldog: What’s The Difference?

In the bulldog world, we come across the terms “Frenchies” and “French Bulldog” quite often. There are times when people have mistaken these two terms as two different bulldog breeds.

While not every human being on this planet is a bulldog expert, one question that often gets asked is what’s the difference when it comes to Frenchies Vs. French Bulldog?

Well – there’s not much of a difference. Frenchies and French Bulldogs are actually the same types. French Bulldog is the official name for it while Frenchie is a made-up shorter version of the term.

French Bulldog owners often refer their bulldogs as Frenchie, which is a cuter version and an adopted term by many people.

frenchie vs french bulldog

That’s not only all. While there are many types of bulldogs with nicknames, French Bulldogs likely has one of the best nicknames!

  • It’s short
  • It’s easy to say
  • People love them

The Differences

frenchies vs french bulldog

Since there are more interests throughout the bulldog world, occasionally – there will be people that will think Frenchies and French Bulldog are two different types of bulldogs.

We’ve met several people asking the same, so we’re here to help you! There are no differences except that it’s only a shorter way of saying the name; and cuter.

If French Bulldogs are around you throughout your life, you would’ve described them as Frenchies as well.

It’s a simple and easy-to-say nickname!

frenchies vs french bulldog


Frenchies is a common nickname used to describe French Bulldogs. Out of all the known nicknames, the nickname Frenchies is most commonly used.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog is the official name describing a specific breed of bulldogs. They’re much longer to say in comparison to Frenchies, which is why it’s the preferable term throughout bulldog communities.

French Bulldog Nicknames

french bulldog nicknames

Aside from Frenchies being one of the common nicknames, there are other French Bulldog nicknames as well!

Warning: You may or may not like these other used terms.

A few notable French Bulldog nicknames are:

  • Frog dog
  • Clown dog

Frog Dog

frog dog french bulldog

Frog Dog is another nickname used to describe French Bulldogs because they have a rounded face that’s wide. The way their legs are spread out gives the impression of a frog.

Who would’ve thought combining frogs and dogs into a name would be a great idea?

Clown Dog

clown dog french bulldog

Another nickname used for the French Bulldog is “Clown Dog,” which describes these bulldogs as fun and loving. Bulldog communities have described these dogs as the “clowns of the bulldog world.”

After all – French Bulldogs were initially bred to be companion-type animals.

French Bulldogs are:

  • Loving
  • Playful
  • Clownish
  • Affectionate
  • Behaving
  • Loyal

As you can see, clownish is on that list. French Bulldogs are clownish because they’re often clumsy and make a lot of hilarious noises.

Due to this, they’re irresistible and enjoyable to watch!

From SmilingBulldogs,

While it may seem confusing at first for people new to the bulldog world, the two are very similar when it comes to Frenchies Vs. French Bulldog. These two terms are describing the same dog breed but since Frenchie is a more easy term, bulldog lovers commonly use them.

Aside from Frenchies, other nicknames used to describe the French Bulldog are Frog Dog and Clown Dog. Although Frog Dog and Clown Dog seems like a decent nickname, nothing beats the constant usage of Frenchies.

Frenchie is probably one of the best nicknames in comparison to other bulldog types.

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