Kentucky Humane Society Review + INFO (2021)

Kentucky Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization based in Louisville, KY that is the largest animal adoption agency in Kentucky. Established in 1884, KHS is also the oldest national animal welfare organism. The Humane Society of Kentucky is a fellow animal champion.

They have built more compassionate communities through leadership, education, and constructive solutions. KHS envisages a day in which every animal accompanying the care, resources, and lifelong home that they deserve will be granted. Because of lack of space, the Kentucky Humane Community had never euthanized an animal. They are committed to saving any healthy animal we embrace.

The Kentucky Humane Culture stands for these guiding principles.

  • Always be Positive: To still embrace optimism with animals, with ourselves, with one another, and with our culture.
  • Matters of compassion: Meet with an open mind, friendliness, and reverence.
  • Inspire other people: To inspire cooperation, perseverance, and loyalty to our mission.
  • Ever-evolving: The transformation that our societies need leads.

How Does Kentucky Humane Society work

Kentucky Humane Society Review

Ultimately, 6,902 dogs, cats, and horses were rescued in 2019. Three thousand four hundred twenty-four cats, 3,398 dogs, and 80 horses have found new homes thanks to their incredible supporters. This includes 107 animals that have been moved to other settlements.

In 2019, 97% of the pets they took in were rescued, and only KHS is able to euthanize pets that are too severely ill, too unsafe, or too behaviorally unhealthy for recovery and acceptance. Others can learn from their policy on euthanasia. Their findings are soon posted to Shelter Animals Count, a national database that records information on animal shelters; learn how they measure their life saved percentage.

There are a number of explanations for this progress:

  • The number of animals they have taken has dropped drastically, as aggressive steps are being taken to end animal homelessness, such as spreading / neutering, conduct-change services, and programs that benefit pet owners, do not turn them into housing but can hold their livestock.
  • In 15 years, the number of animals they welcome has tripled.
  • Their medical and behavioral life-saving services and comprehensive foster programs enabled us to save even more fragile animals medically or in behaviors.
  • They accept animals by appointment so that the space available to them is sufficient, avoiding euthanasia because of a lack of space.

Though KHS is well known for adoption, they have several programs — all intended to reinforce the partnership between humans and pets and to end the overpopulation and homelessness of pets.

Adopting Animals by Kentucky Humane Society

Kentucky Humane Society Review

KHS has been able to find loving homes for over 6,000 cats and dogs a year at its two Louisville adoption centers that are mentioned at the bottom. At Purrfect Day Café, they also deliver feline adoptions. Both KHS animals are spread or neutered, microchips, worms, preventive flush, cardiovascular screened and vaccines are up-to-date. They make sure to train the animals well so that the new owners find it easy to adapt to them.

KHS has special behavior services that make it difficult to consider household pets with behavior problems.

Competence Preparation In-Shelter

KHS has a team of therapeutic personnel trained in modifying the actions of sheltered animals and enriching them in order to relieve stress. Opened in 2017, their behavioral team helps animals heal from cruelty, neglect, and lack of socialization. Sam Swope Pet Remediation offers peaceful facilitation. One hundred twenty-eight shelter dogs have completed and were adopted in 2019 from our behavioral network.


Cats that are not suitable for homes because of behavioral concerns are put in appropriate indoor/outdoor places, such as barns, warehouses, and garages, where they are caretakers, through their lifesaving Working Cats program. This service provides about 40 cats a year with new homes.

Kansas Humane Society: Clinic

  • More than 12,000 dogs and cats are distributed every year in their S.N.I.P. Clinic (Spay / Neuter Reward Programme) to alleviate pet overcrowding and to eradicate animal diseases in our future.
  • Thanks to grants this high-quality, affordable, and donor-subsidized clinic provides financial assistance to those who need it.
  • Owing to generous subsidies and private donors, the S.N.I.P. facility offers free operations for Pit Bull Terriers. About 1500 free surgeries for these dogs were given in 2019 by the S.N.I.P. Clinic.
  • More than 125,000 pets have been spread or neutered by the S.N.I.P. Clinic since opening in 2007. This has limited the number of cats and dogs turned over to the homes of their community. The number of local animals admitted to the Louisville shelters has plummeted since 2007 by more than 50 percent in their region.

Behaviour Training for Owned Dogs

KHS provides a range of educational opportunities to keep animals away from shelters and in their original homes. KHS trainers are trained and accredited properly. They offer a wide variety of courses from puppy and simple types, dog-reactive dog and shy dog lessons, canine sporting classes such as agility, as well as group therapy courses for particular problems.

KHS teachers use only constructive strengthening methods, and classes in Louisville will be taught. This is their one way to garner some bucks to run their organization.

Why Should You Adopt Animals?

Kentucky Humane Society Review

The acceptance of dogs and cat spares lives. You will have a companion for life. People can easily breed a dog or adopt a pet from their facility. A very defined breed of dog, cat, puppy, or kitten is of interest to others, and the only way they can find out a particular breed is to purchase from a puppy breeder or a breeder a dog for sale or buy a cat for sale.

However, animal shelters are full of dogs and cats that have to find homes. Hence, if you are interested in having one, you can contact them.

Kentucky Humane Society Details

  • Locations: East Campus, 1000 Lyndon Lane, Louisville, KY 40222,
  • Sam Swope Pet TLC, Pet Surrender by Appt, Healthy Pets Clinic, 241 Steedly Dr, Louisville, KY 40214
  • Eastpoint Pet Resort, 13310 Magisterial Drive, Louisville, KY 40223                        
  • Numbers: 502-366-3355
  • Website: Kentucky Humane Society

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